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Lead Generation: Is Your Landing Page Easy to Love?


Today I was trolling around the website of a local goat farm for tour information. The price of the tours was hidden – one had to start the reservation process to learn the cost of the ticket. Grr… So I clicked “register” and was taken to a landing page that forced me to set up an account with my name, a password, address, phone number… Before finding out the price. And to add insult to injury, I then had to slog through a Captcha process to prove I was human.

If I wasn’t doing this as a favor for a friend’s daughter, I wouldn’t have done it at all.

Here’s the thing: the more information you ask for, the more hoops you demand prospects jump through, the more likely they’ll click away from your page. Often, we get so excited about collecting prospect information, that we forget that those prospects won’t convert to customers if we make the process too hard. For lead generation, the only information you really need to collect on a landing page is the prospect’s e-mail address. Maybe the name.

So make your landing page easy to love. Or just easy.


Want Your E-mail Opened? It’s All In the Subject Line


As much as I write about social media and web marketing, e-mail marketing is still king when it comes to lead generation. That’s not to say that blogging and social media are a waste of time – quite the contrary. But e-mail marketing, which sometimes seems low-tech and boring, is too powerful to be ignored.

So when I came across this infographic about how to write a subject line, I had to pass it on.


How To Create The Perfect Subject Line
by Litmus.Browse more data visualization.

Social Media and Lead Generation


I have a friend at a financial planning firm who, before a client meeting, will sift through the LinkedIn page of his client to look for possible leads within their connections.  Then towards the end of the meeting, he’ll slide the list of names out, tell the client where he found them, and ask for introductions.  It works well for him

It’s too easy to get hung up on what we’re putting out on social media.  If you’re looking for leads, social media can be one more avenue to network.  Here’s a great (short) video describing how ADP uses social media to drive leads.

Social Media for Lead Generation? Yes!


It looks like social media (including blogs) isn’t just for friends and family.  According to the below infographic, B2B is successfully using it as well for lead generation.  But I suspect the devil is in the details – good content, whether it’s on Twitter or a blog – is still king.

How have you been using social for lead gen?



Which is Better for Lead Generation: Facebook or LinkedIn?


I vote for using both!  Click here to enlarge.