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Should You Use Infographics?


This morning, one of my clients asked if they should start doing infographics as part of their marketing and I replied with an enthusiastic “yes!” I didn’t have any hard stats to back that “yes” up, though. But in this age of short attention spans (especially online), infographics can be a powerful way to get your point across.

And then, quite randomly,  I stumbled across the below infographic!

Which just goes to show that occasionally I’m right, even when I have no rational basis for believing it.

The State of Infographics
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SEO Is Changing… For the Better


As a writer, I’m really happy to see these changes in SEO. I’d much rather focus on strong writing and intriguing content than trying to jam key words that don’t fit into a blog. And I am thrilled that search engines are no longer using blog comment links to build rankings – hopefully the spammers will get word of this soon and leave my blogs alone!

So how are you changing your SEO strategy, if at all? What works for you? What doesn’t?

The New Face of SEO: How SEO Has Changed in a Panda & Penguin Era
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Your Automated Link Building Sucks


Recently, my modest little blog has been hit by a wave of spammers leaving bogus comments. They do this in an attempt to build links back to their clients’ websites,  “improving” the website’s SEO.

I know the game.

And the only joy I get out of it is the knowledge it doesn’t work. Thanks to Google’s new algorithms, that sort of dishonest link building doesn’t have much impact on SEO anymore. It just wastes my time.

So to all those businesses that are paying people to sneak links onto other people’s blogs, you’re wasting your money. And pissing me off. Which strikes me as a sort of lose-lose proposition. Not that my being annoyed is going to affect a spammer’s life in any way, but why annoy people you don’t even know? It’s just bad karma.

So where is SEO going? For 2013, it looks like content is king and social networking is rising in importance.

SEO Predictions for 2013

Want Your E-mail Opened? It’s All In the Subject Line


As much as I write about social media and web marketing, e-mail marketing is still king when it comes to lead generation. That’s not to say that blogging and social media are a waste of time – quite the contrary. But e-mail marketing, which sometimes seems low-tech and boring, is too powerful to be ignored.

So when I came across this infographic about how to write a subject line, I had to pass it on.


How To Create The Perfect Subject Line
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Web Surfers Have the Attention Span of a Goldfish? Is This an Insult to Goldfish?


Today PR Squared posted a good blog on how our online attention span is now equivalent to that of a goldfish’s – 9 seconds. Actually, I’m surprised goldfish have an attention span that long. But more to the point, this short attention span means if we’re to get our marketing message out, we have to be quick about it.

As a writer, this wounds me, especially since shorter doesn’t necessarily translate into less work. It’s hard to be pithy in 140 characters or less! On the other hand, this gives new impetus to my New Year’s resolution to learn how to take pictures well.

How are you going to tighten up your marketing messages? Or do you believe we really even need to? Some copywriters argue that the key is to catch and hold people’s attention with strong writing, rather than keep it short. What do you think?


Visual Gold! The New Revolution of Content Marketing

Social Media and Lead Generation


I have a friend at a financial planning firm who, before a client meeting, will sift through the LinkedIn page of his client to look for possible leads within their connections.  Then towards the end of the meeting, he’ll slide the list of names out, tell the client where he found them, and ask for introductions.  It works well for him

It’s too easy to get hung up on what we’re putting out on social media.  If you’re looking for leads, social media can be one more avenue to network.  Here’s a great (short) video describing how ADP uses social media to drive leads.

SEO at a Glance


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