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Web Marketing Tips for Small Business


A nice, neat visualization of ways to market your website. In my experience, SEO and blogging are best for driving traffic, while e-mail marketing kicks @$$ at generating leads. I enjoy social media and have definitely benefited from it, but if I had to pick three out of the four things to do, I’d drop the social media. Fortunately, I’m not in that position and can do all of the above!

Marketing Tips for Small Business

Want Your E-mail Opened? It’s All In the Subject Line


As much as I write about social media and web marketing, e-mail marketing is still king when it comes to lead generation. That’s not to say that blogging and social media are a waste of time – quite the contrary. But e-mail marketing, which sometimes seems low-tech and boring, is too powerful to be ignored.

So when I came across this infographic about how to write a subject line, I had to pass it on.


How To Create The Perfect Subject Line
by Litmus.Browse more data visualization.

It’s Not Enough to Do One Thing Well


The statistics have spoken. Doing just one thing well isn’t enough, at least when it comes to getting your marketing message out to the consumer.

This infographic makes sense to me. You’ve probably heard the old saw that some people learn by hearing and some by reading and some by watching, but put all those elements together and you can increase the speed and effectiveness of a lesson. Why wouldn’t the same be true with marketing messages?


Crack the Holiday Shopping Code

Best. eMail. Confirmation. Ever.


I’m a huge fan of, enough that I occasionally, actually buy stuff from them. Here’s the automatic e-mail verification I received from them today:

Thank you for your recent order from Despair, Inc.

I’d like to personally welcome you to our growing body of Dissatisfied Customers(tm), but to do so might evidence some actual concern for service and protocol. This might then lead to customer satisfaction, which would defeat the purpose altogether. That is why you have received this generic, form-generated email, written by some nameless lackey in our marketing department.

Having established that any pretense of consideration for *your* needs would be counter-productive to our raison d’etre at Despair Inc, let us now ponder a subject of greater interest to those among us who are worthy of both of our collective attentions – that person being me.

While you sit there wincing in disbelief at these bon mots of authentic insincerity and vexed by the intrinsic contradictions, I find I am beside myself with awe at Despair’s latest venture in Social Media, the Facebook page.

Hardly a man given to superlatives, I must nevertheless assert with David-Lee-Rothian boldness that Despair’s embrace of Facebook is laying the foundation for one of the most revolutionary experiments in online media that you will ever witness. By joining’s Facebook page, you’ll get closer access than you’ve ever had to the heart of the entire Despair, Inc. operation. Behind the scenes on photoshoots. Getting
inside scoops and access to exclusive coupon codes not being made available to public at large. First look at new videos Despair’s created?

I can already hear the chorus of delighted and disbelieving shouts?

“Does this REALLY mean Despair’s going to be releasing more videos? Finally? After all this time?”

Oh yes. A LOT more. So stay-tuned. And while you’re at our Facebook page, go ahead and LIKE us! (It’s really the least you could do after we’ve already stolen your money.)

At long last, after this lengthy exploitation of your attention for purely selfish marketing purposes, let us move on to yet another advertisement for our company.

In anticipation of your next question- “How can I subject myself to even further marketing attempts by Despair?” Well, you’re in luck! Because Despair offers several additional opportunities to be on the receiving end on a steady stream of angst wrapped inside advertisements and covered in coupons. Those willing to endure the agony of it all will find themselves rewarded often with savings and freebies beyond belief.

The Wailing List – (The Official E-Mail Newsletter of Despair)

The Wailing List Twitter Feed (An Unofficial Experiment by a Marketing Peon in the Limits of Your Endurance- with an occasional coupon code thrown in…)

Alas- if you find that even daily contact from the forces of Despair Marketing personnel is simply not enough to satisfy your needs, well… Seriously? You might need a hobby… The only people subjected to more frequent abuse at our hands are our employees- and take it from us, there is such a thing as too much of a bad thing…

If any of the information shown below is inaccurate, please notify us immediately using our Troubled Ticketing system.

We will rectify your error immediately, and on some occasions, without snickering.

It is the least we can do, which, as a matter of policy, is the most we can do.

Sincerely not really writing you this email,

E.L.Kersten, Ph.D.
Founder & COO,
Despair, Inc.

When Are People Opening Your Marketing E-mails?


Another interesting infographic with some good lessons in e-mail marketing.  Sending marketing e-mails on weekends!  Who knew!  I guess it makes sense – research shows people have a better shot of seeing your Facebook posts on weekends as well…


Click here to see a larger version of this infographic.  (Just click on the picture when it opens – trust me, it gets bigger).

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

I don’t know what “Noob” stands for, but thanks, Noob guys for creating this handy infographic!
This ginormous image organizes some basic tactics  to market your business online.  Better click the link below to bigify this one — it’s worth it.  As you scroll down the bigified image, you’ll see when to use each tactic and whether or not it should direct users to a landing page.   So what are you waiting for?

Click here to bigify.

Is e-mail dead?


If you’re Gen-Y, e-mail may feel passé.

But since I’m Gen-X, I’ve been thinking about e-mail a lot lately.  I still read my e-mail (when the headline or person sending it interests me).  And I’ve got an e-mail subscription link on my blog, though I confess a part of me didn’t like it.  I want people to click on my blog page!  However, a lot of people still prefer the ease of getting your newsletter, blog, or whatever, delivered straight to their in-box, and these are committed subscribers.  Committed subscribers are good.

Elyce Tager from Constant Contact gave a great presentation on the intersection of e-mail and social media at last week’s Social Media Marketing & Monitoring conference.  She maintained that strong customer engagement is developed through a combination of e-mail and social media, and the two work best when integrated.  Elyce made a good case, arguing that while social media is the best way to get a message shared, e-mail is still the best way to get it seen:

  • 96% of fans never revisit a Facebook fan page;
  • 50-70% of fans never see fan page content before it scrolls off their newsfeed;
  • E-mail, therefore, remains the best way to get a message heard, because people at least see the subject line (so it’s important to have a damn good one).

So don’t give up on e-mail just yet.  And if you think your e-mail list usage could use a teensy bit of improvement, check out this Slideshare presentation on list-building for bloggers, here.  It’s got good tips for any business person trying to build an e-mail list.