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Working on Your LinkedIn Profile?


You should be.

Putting your best foot forward online is now expected, and for B2B, LinkedIn has become a critical social network. But writing your profile can be tough. It’s easy to fall into laundry lists of accomplishments (boring) or reiterating your resume (even more boring). There are lots of ways to approach your online bio, but I like to start with “why.” Why do you believe what you do? What’s brought you to that belief? Tell us!

And if you’re looking for information, check out this TED video.


Social Media and Lead Generation


I have a friend at a financial planning firm who, before a client meeting, will sift through the LinkedIn page of his client to look for possible leads within their connections.  Then towards the end of the meeting, he’ll slide the list of names out, tell the client where he found them, and ask for introductions.  It works well for him

It’s too easy to get hung up on what we’re putting out on social media.  If you’re looking for leads, social media can be one more avenue to network.  Here’s a great (short) video describing how ADP uses social media to drive leads.

What Works in Social Media


A nice breakdown of B2B vs. B2C tips on how to compose and when to send posts.  Are you using hashtags?  Confess!


What Works for Social Sharing

Social Media Checklist for Business

Social Media Checklist For Businesses

Browse more data visualizations.

How B2B Marketers are Scoring with Social Media


Is Your Profile Pic Damaging Your Brand?


Ouch.  I cringe, I wince, I confess I’m guilty of having a sub-par profile picture.  But I just don’t take good pictures!  My best picture is from a trip to Greece back in the early 90s.  I’d like to think I haven’t changed that much…  Yeah.  Right.

But pictures are worth a 1,000 words.  A person’s first impression of your social media profile (or other) will likely come from your picture.


Are You Leading the Future, or Dragging in the Past?


An interesting infographic on the future of social media and marketing.  What are you doing these days?