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How to Connect with Your Audience and… an Announcement


I wanted to upload this presentation because a) it’s an awesome example of presentation design and b) the same principles for designing a good presentation can be used to design a blog, or social media campaign. So this SlideShare is fab for all sorts of reasons.

Also…  I’m moving! This blog is now shifting over to I’m done here! Finito!


Lead Generation: Is Your Landing Page Easy to Love?


Today I was trolling around the website of a local goat farm for tour information. The price of the tours was hidden – one had to start the reservation process to learn the cost of the ticket. Grr… So I clicked “register” and was taken to a landing page that forced me to set up an account with my name, a password, address, phone number… Before finding out the price. And to add insult to injury, I then had to slog through a Captcha process to prove I was human.

If I wasn’t doing this as a favor for a friend’s daughter, I wouldn’t have done it at all.

Here’s the thing: the more information you ask for, the more hoops you demand prospects jump through, the more likely they’ll click away from your page. Often, we get so excited about collecting prospect information, that we forget that those prospects won’t convert to customers if we make the process too hard. For lead generation, the only information you really need to collect on a landing page is the prospect’s e-mail address. Maybe the name.

So make your landing page easy to love. Or just easy.

My New Web Marketing Website!


I finally decided to step up my game and create a “real” website. Since I’m a do-it-yourself’er, I’ve been tinkering with it for months but now I think it’s finally good enough to expose to the world. It’s, and I’ll be slowly migrating my blog over to it. So please, check it out!

And that’s .net, NOT .com. Someone got to the .com name before I could grab it, curse them.

How Users Interact on Pinterest [Infographic]


Interesting infographic here on Pinterest, which tracks with my own personal experience. I see a lot of pinning going on of stuff people want to buy, or dream of buying, which jives with the concept that there’s more brand interaction going on here than on Facebook. That said, I don’t think Pinterest is for every brand. If you sell computer services, well, good luck posting images people want to re-pin. I.e., Pinterest appears much strong at B2C than B2B.

How Users Interact on Pinterest



Follow this woman! She knows her marketing and her writing is fantastic.

Marketing Where Technology Intersects Life

I love magic. Whether it’s the fantasy worlds of my favorite writers or the stage magic of great magicians or little boys practicing the tricks that came in their Christmas stockings, I just love magic.

Recently, my favorite magicians have been doing a great job of demonstrating just how powerful social media can be — and how they can magically create a huge global audience for themselves and their art by combining traditional stagecraft and modern technology.

Penn & Teller’s Audience Multiplying Magic

My husband is a huge Penn & Teller fan. They once got blood on my shoes, so I refuse to sit in the front row anymore, but I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them several times, and found them to be delightful people as well as talented performers.

Of course, you can meet them too — anyone can. If you go to see the show (which you should, if…

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Telling Your Story


Storytelling is hot hot hot when it comes to marketing, and rightfully so.  And since I write fiction for fun (my latest is The Shamanic Detective, available on the Kindle) I’m all over using stories in blogs, personal bios, whatever.  Stories have power.

Today I hung out on one of Michael Margolis’s coaching calls.  Michael is… amazing.  He knows storytelling and bio writing inside and out, and I highly recommend his courses and workshops.  Here are some key takeaways from the call:

1. Explain why you’re so passionate about what you do.
2. Remember that life isn’t all sunshine and roses. There was also a shadow that drove you forward. When telling your story, think about a time when you weren’t satisfied with the state of your world, your industry, your life. How did that bring you to where you are today?
3. Truth has an edge, and your story must have one too.
4. Don’t fall into the trap of self-validation/self-glorification. Yes, you’re wonderful. But ultimately, the story you tell needs to be about what makes your clients great.
5. Food for thought: what gifts can your client provide to others as a result of your product or service?

How to Become a Webinar Star [Infographic]


And if you think you don’t have the technical chops for a webinar, then check out the hangouts feature on Google+.

Tips for Turning Ordinary Webcasts into Masterpieces

Learn about infographic design.