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Are You Looking for the No?


This has little to do with marketing and is more in the form of a rant. But I’ve got to get this off my chest.

I’ve got a friend who shall remain nameless. This person is awesome in many many ways, but damn she makes her life needlessly complicated. I’m frankly amazed she gets anything accomplished. She’s so busy trying to cover all the angles of what might go wrong, that very few projects ever get off the ground.

I see variations on this all the time. Friends and colleagues who claim they want to do something, but…

  • They don’t have the time
  • They don’t know how
  • And what if what if what if…?

And then this week I stumbled across this book by Chip and Dan Heath about decision making, and how most people limit their options and end up making the wrong decision, or no decision. One of the traps they identify is that people set up “either or” decisions – a choice between two things, when really there may be more options. And one of those options might be trying things in a small way and seeing how it works, rather than committing to a major, no-turning-back change.

In a sense, that’s what this blog is about. Online marketing tweaks that are simple and low-commitment. Often, the only cost is time.

If you’re interested, the book is called Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work. It’s interesting stuff.