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Marketing Where Technology Intersects Life

I love magic. Whether it’s the fantasy worlds of my favorite writers or the stage magic of great magicians or little boys practicing the tricks that came in their Christmas stockings, I just love magic.

Recently, my favorite magicians have been doing a great job of demonstrating just how powerful social media can be — and how they can magically create a huge global audience for themselves and their art by combining traditional stagecraft and modern technology.

Penn & Teller’s Audience Multiplying Magic

My husband is a huge Penn & Teller fan. They once got blood on my shoes, so I refuse to sit in the front row anymore, but I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them several times, and found them to be delightful people as well as talented performers.

Of course, you can meet them too — anyone can. If you go to see the show (which you should, if…

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