Despair: A T-Shirt Site Gets Social


I have always despised motivational posters.  They just seem schlocky and dumb.   So when an acquaintance linked to a de-motivational poster I had to check out the website of the producer: Despair, Inc.

Wow.  Despair “gets” social.

Despair, Inc. sells snark – de-motivational posters and funny t-shirts, glasses, etc.  It could be just another funny t-shirt site, but their use of social takes it to a whole different level, making me want to come back and see what the Despair crew is up to next….  And tell others!  If you’ve got a website, isn’t that exactly what you want to happen?

Not only does Despair crowd source slogans for their t-shirts and posters, but they’ve got a truly funny blog.  Despair also has the requisite “like” buttons beneath each product – a great match for Facebook, which in my opinion is basically an entertainment site, and well-suited to sharing comedic photos.  And yes, they use videos too, all in keeping with their brand of droll humor.

Well done, Despair!