How to Make Your Posts Sparkle


Looking for a way to make your posts sparkle?

Yeah, me too.  And since I’m not particularly witty in 140 characters or less (or more), it’s nice when pictures can do the talking.

Blurb Mobile has some real possibilities in that regard for small business owners.  It’s an app for the iPhone (or iWhatever) which allows you to take a string of photos, arrange them as you will, add captions or voice, and then post them from your phone to the Blurb site, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr.

You can find some very artistic story boards on the Blurb site, but even for the non-creative type, I can see small business uses for the app.  A realtor could snap pics of a home they’re selling and post it via Blurb in minutes, with voice and/or captions.  A business could post its special event – this would work particularly well, I think, with bars and other social venues.  Or (ahem) for a writer creating a teaser for her upcoming work.

The basic app is free.  The upgrade is on sale now for .99, regularly $1.99.  Honestly, I suspect the basic app will do the job for most small business owners, but $1.99 still falls within the do-it-on-the-cheap theme of this blog.

As a side note, if you’re worried about your photographic skills, there are some excellent photo apps out there to give you an artistic boost.  My favorites are Quick Lomo Pro and Camera +.  The latter allows you to edit your pictures while they’re still on your iWhatevers, and has some groovy filters and settings if you’re feeling wild.  I used Quick Lomo Pro for my little ghost “story,” using the Lomo Extreme setting to get that slightly unreal look.


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