Social Media for Real Estate (infographic)


Can realtors successfully use social media to drive leads?  According to this infographic, yes.  I suspect, however, the devil is in the details…  I’ve been coming to think that people are on Facebook for entertainment, and, well, for most of us, things like real estate and insurance are not terribly entertaining.  So while it’s probably not a bad idea for the more “professional” professions to have a Facebook page (hey, another site online can’t hurt if its done well, can it?), I couldn’t see investing a lot of time in it.

Interestingly, this infographic does not list top Facebook realtor sites – only Twitter.  And looking at the top Twitter accounts listed below, I see that they’re not listing heavy.  @Swanepoel is chatty.  @Marcosantarelli is more informational, linking to general real estate articles.  @RealtorRyan is sort of a mix of the two.  What do you think?  Is Twitter more suited to realtors than Facebook?

Social media killed the blog star

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