Is Klout on the Outs?

  1.        Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of negative blogs and tweets about Klout.  This made the evil Kirsten smile, because my Klout score is only fair-to-middling.  Yeah, I’m that kind of person.

           But, in all honesty, I kind of like Klout.  I like that it pushes me to do a better job at social media and that it enables me to publicly recognize the people on my social networks who’ve provided me with great advice and support.

           However, it’s slightly terrifying that employers are using Klout scores as metrics when looking at job applicants, and that companies are looking at Klout scores as measures of social media success.  Klout is measuring a lot more than it used to, but it still only captures about half of what I do online.  In short it’s a measure, not the measure.

           So what do you think?  Is Klout a useful tool?  A victim of its own success?

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