Top Jordanian Blogs


In order to make up for maligning the Internet savvy of my client’s clients (though in fairness, I later discovered it’s my client’s client’s kids who are doing the web searches, so I wasn’t completely wrong) here are a list of top Jordanian English-language blogs.  According to the September Issue of  OC Magazine (On Campus), Jordan’s top blog topics for August were:

  1. Ramadan;
  2. The growing and annoying violation of Facebook’s promotional rules in Jordan; and
  3. Bad customer service.  Complaining about bad service online really is universal.

And now… some top Jordanian blogs:

  • 360East: A blog about life, design, media and technology.
  • Sleepless in Amman:  Weekly updates of the fastest growing business Facebook pages in Jordan, and other interesting stuff.
  • AndFarAway: Random and often hilarious stuff found in Jordan and the Internet, with the occasional post about social media tossed in.
  • Notes from the Third Arab Bloggers Meeting in Tunisia.  Are they using Storify?
  • The Black Iris of Jordan:  A blog about the Internet and life in Jordan (and it the intersection of the two).

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