Igniting Content Marketing Through Thought Leadership


I’ve never liked the term “thought leadership.”  But…

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4 responses

  1. I really dig this infographic because it reminds us where we should be investing more of our time and money. I’ve been providing these types of services to clients but lagging behind on my own efforts, truth be told! Thanks for sharing this, Kirsten.. Amazing stuff!

  2. Thanks, Yomar!

    I always cringed from the term “thought leadership” – it seemed so trendy/jargony. But it does capture what content marketers need to do: provide some originality. What frustrated me is the question of how to be original and innovative. It’s tough to bottle that. Then I found this interesting article which answered that question as well: http://linkd.in/nwaXLf


  3. About “thought leadership”.. I think it’s a wonderful term that is sadly mis-used, much like “expertise” (but not as ugly). To me, being a thought leader means you focus on helping, empowering, and raising the awareness of others. There are certainly few true thought leaders and I feel you have to think for yourself to do so.. Which is a skill some may lack. ;o)

    Would you agree?

  4. I like your definition much better – it’s certainly less pompous then the way the term is usually thrown around! But… maybe if you can just start people thinking, that’s thought leadership too.