Engagement by Walking Around


I’m currently on assignment in a country that shall not be named in the Middle East, and my client’s clients are not social media users.  Few have computers (cell phones are hot though).  It’s kind of refreshing, getting out from behind a computer and engaging in face to face, human interaction.  My young(er) colleague is amazed at how much information and support we’re getting just by stepping out of HQ and talking to clients and line staff.

You hear the word “engagement” quite a bit in social media.  It basically means having a two-way conversation with clients (and potential clients) rather than just “pushing” your message at them.  It’s about stepping out from behind the corporate desk and being a real human being.  Small business owners have the advantage here, I think, because they don’t have a corporate desk to hide behind.  They’re in the thick of the action with clients and prospects.  The disadvantage is it can be hard to find the time to spend on social media.

But when done properly, it’s worth it.  Social media is just another channel for talking to clients and prospects.  If you’re only pushing your message out, the results probably aren’t going to “wow” you.  But if you take 5 or 10 minutes a day to see what people are saying about you, responding, and reaching out directly to folks on social media, you’re social media efforts will take a quantum leap forward.


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