Are You on Zerply?


Here are my quick takes on Zerply, a new professional social networking site and landing page:

  1. It’s more beautiful than LinkedIn
  2. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can import it to Zerply, so set up is MUCH quicker than developing your original LinkedIn profile
  3. It’s sharable.  At the touch of a button you can share your public profile to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  4. Since it’s newish, you probably won’t find a lot of contacts on it yet, which makes it more of a landing page about your professional life than a social networking site.
  5. Unlike LinkedIn, you can choose from a handful of different theme backgrounds.
  6. It isn’t as robust as LinkedIn — no videos allowed or blog feeds.  But the simplicity is part of the beauty of the web design.
  7. It takes 5 minutes and it’s free.  Why not give it a whirl?  You can check out my public profile here.

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