5 Reasons Why I Stink at YouTube


Recently, I’ve been making a lot of very lovely videos for some very lovely people, so I figured I should learn more about YouTube.  And the more I learned, the more I realized… I had a lot to learn.

It isn’t enough to slap your videos up.  You have to work the site, just like you’d work Facebook or Twitter.  Er, you are working Facebook and Twitter, aren’t you?


If you’ve been thinking of posting some videos on YouTube, here are some things I should have been doing, but wasn’t:

  1. Create an authority channel.  You can create your own YouTube page (called a channel) just like you’d create a Facebook page.  People can subscribe to your page and be notified when you put new content up.  But to get those subscriptions, you need to consistently provide content of interest to them.  By consistently providing content within your realm of expertise, you’ll build a following and rank higher on YouTube.  (This is a good thing).
  2. YouTube is a social networking site.  And that means to really work it, you’ve got to be social.  Comment on other people’s videos, like them, get involved.
  3. Use tags.  When you place a video on YouTube, you’ll have an opportunity to add subject tags (e.g. social media, marketing, branding).  If you’ve already placed a video on YouTube, don’t despair.  You can add tags by clicking on the video’s “edit” button.  Add the tags and be sure to click “save changes” near the bottom of the page.  Google Keywords can help you figure out the best tags to use for your site.
  4. Make sure your YouTube videos are embedded on your site.  You don’t want people leaving your site to go to YouTube.  They may not come back!  You do want people going in the other direction, however, from YouTube to your site.  Use calls to action in your videos to drive prospects to you (e.g. “Follow me on Twitter,” or “Subscribe to my blog.”
  5. Put some thought into your channel name, because a good one will catch viewer’s attention.  A poor one (e.g. kweiss2001) tells viewers nothing.
Now watch my video below and head on over to the Metaphysical Detective!

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