How Hard Is It for People to Comment on Your Blog?


Last weekend I tried to comment on the blog of a well known social media specialist.  I wrote out my comment, pushed the magic button, and got sent to a page that told me I had to “log in or sign up”.  The site required me to create a new account with a password to submit a comment (as if I don’t have enough passwords in my life.)

I tried, I really did.  My first attempt using my e-mail address failed, my second attempt via Facebook seemed to work, but when it bounced me back to the original blog post, my comment had disappeared.  I almost commented about how difficult it was to comment, but I didn’t feel like going to the trouble.

Today, I’ve come to think that in spite of all the evil, nasty spammers out there, it’s best to make it easy for people to comment.

For example, when I originally set this blog up, I used settings that required me to approve every post by a new person.  However, I wasn’t online enough to respond promptly.  So I’ve thrown open the gates.  Now anyone can comment.  If someone spams me, I’ll just remove their comment.

What barriers to comments exist on your site?

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4 responses

  1. Don’t remove the post. Remove the comment. Is that what you meant? Yeah I don’t like making it hard for people to comment, otherwise, they will just get frustrated and leave. I started leaving commenting available for people outside WordPress. Mind you, I only had 8 spam comments before. Since I started, this jumped to nearly 60. So now you have to be a verified WP user.

  2. Hi, Harnew:

    Agreed, the spam is a pain in the @$$. Basically, I came to the decision that I’d rather delete the spam then scare people off from commenting. I guess in this, as all things, there are trade-offs!