Social Media vs. The Honey Badger: 5 Takeaways


By now you may have seen the honey badger video – it’s had over 12 million hits on YouTube and is hands down the funniest animal video I’ve ever watched.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s below (explicit language warning).  Anyway, because it’s almost Friday and for once I am not swamped with work or getting 2 AM phone calls from mystery men in Abu Dhabi (I’ve got your number, bub, and I know who you are), here are some honey badger lessons for social media:

  1. Persistence pays off.  When you first get into social media, it can feel like you’re not getting anywhere.  But that’s normal (unless you’re a celebrity).  Don’t give up, keep plugging away.
  2. Made a social media faux pas?  Just get up again, dust yourself off, and get back to it.  Will this ridiculous post spell the end of my  social media career? Do I actually have a social media career?   No matter, like the honey badger, I’ll recover.  Honey badger gets bitten by a cobra, passes out, and then wakes up and returns to eating the cobra.
  3. Scavengers are always lurking to take honey badger’s kills but honey badger don’t care.  Your goal in social media life is to get people to retweet your stuff and quote your blog (preferably with attribution).  In fact, you should encourage this as much as possible by making it as easy as possible for people to retweet, “like”, or whatever your stuff.
  4. Humor works.  12 million + views!  Most of us are looking for a laugh now and then, and we remember the people who provide it.  Ah, honey badger – what fond memories I have laughing over your infomercial style narrative.
  5. Your turn – what lessons do you take away from The Crazy Nasty@$$ Honey Badger?  (Did I mention the video had explicit language?)

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