Creating a Brand Image


So what’s your brand image?  Have you got one?  You probably do, whether you’ve thought about it or not, but is it the image you want?

This weekend I ended up doing some wine tasting at a place called Twisted Oak.  Now with a name like Twisted Oak, the image could be romantic, mysterious, or classy.  But the owners went for… twisted.  Join the wine club and get a rubber chicken sort of twisted (of course I joined!)…  Pirate party for wine club members sort of twisted.  It’s brilliant and funny and the wine is damned good.

To get to the winery, one drives down a twisted dirt road, past vineyards and signs like these:

speed limit 9 MPHAnd these…

Yes, that’s a rubber chicken draped across the sign

Rubber chicken crossingRubber chicken crossing?

Well, you get the idea.

Wine tasting and be pretentious and intimidating.  This winery has turned all of that on its head and made it entertaining too.  If the wine was bad, I’d be less impressed with the branding.  But they’ve got a good product.

For a lot of small business owners, branding boils down to color schemes and fonts – the rest happens by accident.  And if you’re a one-man shop, you’re basically the brand.  Don’t let your brand image happen by accident – you might luck into something marvelous but most of us… won’t.


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