What to Do with that Video You’ve Made


I spent the weekend making Animoto videos — for myself and others.  They look fantastic, if I do say so myself (heck, it’s all Animoto’s doing).   But the key, of course, is what to do with them.  Here’s my checklist:

  1. On my blogs (check)
  2. Post to Facebook wall (check)
  3. Later, repost videos to video content on Facebook.  How?  In the left hand column as you go down, you’ll see a videos tab.  Unless you don’t have any videos uploaded, in which case you’ll see a photos tab.  Click on that and you’ll see sort of in the right hand corner (but not up too high) a video button.  Click it, follow the directions, and upload your video.
  4. Upload to YouTube channel (check).  This was necessary for two reasons – one because YouTube is a good means of social sharing, and secondly because WordPress won’t let me put the embed code from Animoto in the blog directly and it won’t take an Animoto video directly either.  It will, however, embed from YouTube.  Sigh.
  5. Connect YouTube channel to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.   (Haven’t done this yet – still trying to figure out the ramifications of having multiple accounts).
  6. Tweet the videos!
  7. Beg all my Facebook friends and followers to “like” or retweet videos.
  8. Make business cards with QR codes on the back to the video. (Tomorrow)
  9. What have I missed?  Seriously, please tell me.
Anyway, if you’d like to see some samples of what Animoto can do, below is a video for a hypnotherapist who’s selling guided meditations, and of course, a trailer for The Metaphysical Detective.
Okay, the below meditation video is kind of girly, with blooming flowers and waving sea grasses, but I think the affect works for the product being sold.
The trailer below is a bit edgier.  I wish Animoto would come out with some creepy, dramatic music in their arsenal but I suspect their market is more along the lines of wedding photographers and individuals who want to immortalize their photo album in a video.  Still, you can see that with some creativity, any business that has some interesting photos can put together a slick video presentation.