The Art of the Story


I’ve been thinking a lot about storytelling lately, mainly because I’m in the thick of the Metaphysical Detective, but also in regards to social media.  I’ve realized my blog posts are… boring.  Informational, but boring.  My Tweets and Facebook posts largely share the same fate.  And the flaw lies in the storytelling, not the “spin me a yarn” type of story but in revealing a personal story.

It’s a fine and confusing line.  On the one hand, data indicates that people don’t want to hear about you.  Dan Zarella has been discussing this and the whole “engagement” issue quite  a bit lately, demonstrating that people who talk about themselves and people who chit chat on Twitter tend to have fewer followers.

But, while my non-empirical, personal anecdotal approach tells me that making oneself the star of the show does not work for social media, my favorite bloggers and Tweeters bring their personality and personal story into the mix. They have a voice and point of view.  To do otherwise is just… boring.  This is particularly true for the small business owner; you are a big part of your brand.  If you don’t allow your personal take on life to shine through, you’re losing an opportunity to draw people in.

What’s your story?


2 responses

  1. Hi Kirsten,

    I agree that storytelling is not a key component in my purchasing decisions, but in the case of blogs, the sale may occur long after a relationship has been formed. An interaction that is ‘information only’ will not draw me back to a particular site. There are lots of places where one can obtain instruction on how to do this or that. However, when the blogger engages me with a story — how they came to a conclusion; how they discovered something or learned a lesson — I’m more likely to pop their blog into my reader.

    I’m all about storytelling on my blog. It’s not a business blog, but I bring everything that I write about to a personal level, as if I were having a conversation.


  2. Ray:

    First, the subheading of your blog — genius!

    Second, thanks for responding because your blog is an excellent example of storytelling in action. I really appreciate your comments.