Register Your bitly URL



If you’re not familiar with bitly, it’s a website which allows you to shorten URLs for easier posting on Twitter and elsewhere.  It’s free, and I use it a lot (yes, that’s a big part of why I use it a lot).

Now you can take your URL and customize it on bitly.  Just sign-in, enter the URL to shorten, click shorten, and you’ll see the new, short bitly link.  It probably won’t look very nice (but it will be short).  Then in the table below, click “customize” on your new, short, bitly link and customize it.

So, for example, I:

  1. entered:
  2. shortened it to:
  3. Then I customized it to:  The latter is a bit more memorable and descriptive.

Okay, I’m not that imaginative and was doing it on the fly.

I think there’s a way to make an even better short URL on the pro version without the in front, but haven’t been able to figure it out yet.



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