Three Places to Find Free Pictures for Your Blog


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Including a picture with your blog entry makes it more clickable.

You may have noticed I haven’t been doing that.

The reason is I didn’t know where to go.  What pictures are legal to use?  Where can I get them?  I’ve kind of been letting things slide on this blog, rationalizing that it’s for business so pictures don’t matter.  This is, of course, nonsense.

But the Riga Hayworth project absolutely needs a picture for every chapter – the web design dictates it.  I’ve been running around like a lunatic trying to get the pictures I need, but finally had to admit defeat.  I like photography but the writing has to come first.

Below are three sites that provide free, royalty-free images you can use for your blog.  Some ask for links back to their site embedded in their photos, others for credit.

  •  Provides creative commons, commercial use photos.  Premium features cost $2.99/month.  They lack some legal guarantees, so as they say on their website, if FlickUser 1234 has a Coca Cola image listed, he probably doesn’t have a license for it.  Use common sense.
  •  Gorgeous, really arty photos.  All pictures are original and copyright free.  All they ask in return for use is a credit note such as “Photo Copyright”  and a link to when using one of their stock photos.  Downside: the site is not terribly searchable, but if you’re looking for something abstract or nature-oriented, they’re a pleasure to browse.  (I’ve got one in mind to represent a wine-induced stupor).
  •  Of the three, this is the site I’m most comfortable with because it does have a guarantee and it’s easy to use.  Just search for an image and hotlink it to post in your blog.
Update:  Make that four sites!  Many of the photos on Wikipedia are in the public domain and available for free use.  Just click on the picture and scroll down to the licensing section to determine if the photos are available.
Disclaimer:  I’m not a lawyer and I’m not guaranteeing any of the above sites.  Use your best judgment and when in doubt, consult a legal professional.

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    • I’m glad you liked it! One problem I’m encountering with these photo sites, however, is that when I post the link on Facebook the picture doesn’t show up in the post. I’ve read that pictures on Facebook posts also make them more “clickable” and “likable”. If anyone figures out the secret, please let me know! Perhaps the photos need to be physically embedded in the post rather than linked to?

  1. I love this too thank you Kirsten…
    I have not done this yet…but I would *think* that the picture would need to be embedded.

    Off topic…thank you so very much for the lovely feedback my blog. Truly, it made me smile;)