Too Much Ice Cream. Or Why I Hate Social Media


ice cream horrorphoto © 2009 wee lakeo | more info (via: Wylio)
After diving deeply into social media for two months, I started to feel I was drowning in it.  I had to come up for air, step away from the computer, and do a reassessment.  The thought of writing another blog post, sending another Tweet, clicking “like” on Facebook, was repellent.

I’m not alone.  1.5 million Facebook users have given it up in Canada, and hundreds of thousands are doing the same in the US.  Is (was) social media just a flash in the pan?

So I stepped away for two days (there go my EA scores).  And it felt good.  I realized that things that I wanted to spend time on, like finishing the Riga Hayworth manuscript, were getting diverted by social media work.  But social media will, I think, be critical to promoting the web serial.


The answer, of course, is balance.  Too much social media is like eating too much ice cream – it makes you sick.  But that doesn’t make ice cream or social media bad.  In spite of my tummy ache, I still think social media is pretty awesome.

So I’m now taking 15 minutes at the beginning and end of my work day for social media and I’m done.  And I’ve found that’s really all I need.  It requires some organization – Posterous has become my friend, TweetDeck my ally.  EA…  I’m not playing to win — that’s for people on social media all day, and I don’t want to be one of those people.  But I’ve made some great connections on EA so I’ll go back to the forums for a few minutes a day.  It’s all I need.

And it feels good.


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