Posterous – Blogging on the Go


Empire Avenue

My Empire Avenue stock is oh so slowly rising.  But, damn, I had to work hard for it.  I enjoy social media, but like most small business owners, I can’t spend the whole day on it.

One timesaver I’m using (thanks to a tip on an EA forum), is mini-blogging via Posterous.  Posterous is one of the simplest ways to blog – all you need do is e-mail in your post, picture, or video and Posterous will arrange it on your very own blog for you.   It’s ideal if you’ve got a smart phone and are out and about, snapping pictures of clients or blogging about your activities.

Another cool thing about Posterous is you can set it to automatically post to your other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, other blogs, etc.  And since Posterous is really geared toward micro or mini blogging (i.e. really short posts), auto posting to places like Facebook and Twitter works well.  So with one e-mail you can make a splash throughout your social media sites.


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