Five Lessons from True Blood


Yesterday I wrote about making an online video.

But if you really want to see cool, check out what HBO did with their True Blood interactive teaser video on Facebook. Like the page, click on the “Immortalize” button and the app pulls in names and pictures of you and your Facebook friends, mixing them into a teaser for Season 4 of True Blood.  I’m an assassin, several of my male friends are applying to be dancers at Fangtasia (heh heh), and other friends have gone missing (gasp!).

True Blood

Most small business owners don’t have a team of app developers to create stuff like this.  But the True Blood teaser demonstrates some basic Facebook lessons:

  1. Give people a reason to like your page.  Will you be giving away discounts on your page?  Recipes?  Humor?  How to’s?  Info on upcoming events?  A behind the scenes look at your business?
  2. If you make people look cool, they’ll share.  Perhaps we’re all vain creatures at heart, but if you post something that makes your clients look good, they’re more likely to re-post it.  Of course, this is easier in some businesses than others.  But, for example, if one was running a Tiki Bar and had a great pic of a client enjoying themselves there, that would probably be a good thing to post.
  3. Ask for the share.  No ask, no get.  When you’re posting something on Facebook, at the end of the post ask people to “like” it or to “please retweet” it.  People generally like to help each other out, but sometimes we need a prompt to do it.
  4. Don’t overwhelm with posts.  I noticed on the True Blood Facebook page that they generally post only once a day.  People don’t want their Facebook feeds jammed up with business-y stuff — they’re more interested in what friends are doing.  If you post too often, they’ll delete you from the feed.
  5. Cross-promote content.  The True Blood website uses existing promotional materials such as videos and pictures, and positions them on their page.  You don’t have to create something brand new just for your Facebook page.  The content should, however, be quality.

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