Do You Give Your Clients a Chance to Rave?


I have big feet.  Drag queen-sized feet.  And I’m a bit of a cheapskate.  So I shop at Payless Shoes.

And when I went there yesterday, I was surprised and delighted by some amazing service I received.

I noticed a placard promoting the store’s Facebook page on the counter.  Wanting to let them know how much I appreciated what they’d done, I told them I’d spread the word to my Facebook friends (it’s the store in San Mateo, on El Camino Real, btw).

In Monday’s rant about Ikea, I mentioned that in the old days, on average people told four people about really good customer service, and 12 about bad service.  In the age of social media, these statistics have changed.

But there’s another lesson from the Payless experience — let people know how they can tell others about the great things you do.  If they like something you’ve done, ask them to write about it on Facebook or Twitter.  You may provide fabulous service or a great product, but sometimes people need to be reminded about how great it would be if they told others.

When I worked as a financial advisor (the horror!), I’d ask clients to Tweet or put up a Facebook post about our meetings.  They usually would.  Sometimes I’d get a lead out of it.

Facebook and Twitter are, at heart, networking platforms.  If you want a referral or testimonial, sometimes you’ve got to just ask.


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