Do You Have Klout?


In my social media meanderings, Klout kept popping up.  The cool kids have it.  The really cool kids have lots of it.  But there’s just so much going on in social media that I put off exploring it until this week.  And it’s… kind of interesting.

Klout scores your social media influence across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  The more active you are, the more retweeted and “liked” your posts, the higher your score.  It’s free and easy.  Just go to and they’ll walk you through linking up your accounts, then out pops a score.

Mine is not terribly impressive, but it does show that it’s increased dramatically over the last thirty days, flat-lining over the last week.  This tells me that I’m on the right track, I just need to do more.  Maybe some Facebook ads to increase readership?

However, I have to say Empire Avenue is a lot more fun.  EA also tracks your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn activity, but it also tracks your blogs and interactions on the EA forums.