Is e-mail dead?


If you’re Gen-Y, e-mail may feel passé.

But since I’m Gen-X, I’ve been thinking about e-mail a lot lately.  I still read my e-mail (when the headline or person sending it interests me).  And I’ve got an e-mail subscription link on my blog, though I confess a part of me didn’t like it.  I want people to click on my blog page!  However, a lot of people still prefer the ease of getting your newsletter, blog, or whatever, delivered straight to their in-box, and these are committed subscribers.  Committed subscribers are good.

Elyce Tager from Constant Contact gave a great presentation on the intersection of e-mail and social media at last week’s Social Media Marketing & Monitoring conference.  She maintained that strong customer engagement is developed through a combination of e-mail and social media, and the two work best when integrated.  Elyce made a good case, arguing that while social media is the best way to get a message shared, e-mail is still the best way to get it seen:

  • 96% of fans never revisit a Facebook fan page;
  • 50-70% of fans never see fan page content before it scrolls off their newsfeed;
  • E-mail, therefore, remains the best way to get a message heard, because people at least see the subject line (so it’s important to have a damn good one).

So don’t give up on e-mail just yet.  And if you think your e-mail list usage could use a teensy bit of improvement, check out this Slideshare presentation on list-building for bloggers, here.  It’s got good tips for any business person trying to build an e-mail list.


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