The three legged stool of e-marketing


I just attended a presentation by the Growth Coach, Michael Neuendorff, on social media marketing for small businesses.  He did a great job of putting social media marketing in the context of other Internet/electronic platforms a business uses and I thought his “3-legged stool” analogy was useful.

To wit, businesses need:

  1. a modern-looking website with info on who you serve and how you can help,
  2. an e-mail marketing system, and
  3. social media.

These three elements support each other to drive business.

Most of the people who visit a company’s website aren’t there to buy.  They’re doing research, shopping around, trying to figure out who to trust.  If you want to convert eyeballs into purchasers, you need to give them a reason to keep you top of mind over time.   A  website which offers a gift or bonus to sign up for an e-newsletter, supplemented by social media to maintain a dialog and help drive people back to the site (for new blog posts, etc.), can increase the odds of conversion.

For example, Michael’s website offers a free list of 100 guerilla marketing tools for people who sign up for his monthly e-newsletter.  The site heavily leverages social media, with buttons linking to his Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, as well as opportunities to retweet and “like” his stuff.  His blog is embedded in the site itself, giving people a reason to come back on a regular basis and increasing his Google search engine rankings.  He’s even got a YouTube video on the front page.  It’s a very content rich site, with useful information for his target market — small business owners.

In short, the three “legs” work together to drive traffic and provide value to potential clients.  Check out his site, and be inspired!


2 responses

  1. Thanks for blogging about this presentation. I’m really passionate about this subject and want more and more small business owners to get how important the synergy is with the 3 legs of the stool. You could go with just the website and email marketing, but then it’s like having a cheeseburger w/o fries. Still good, but could be so much better!

    • You got me with the cheeseburger and fries analogy, Michael!