140 Characters of Stupid


According to Twitter etiquette (twetiquette?) if someone follows you, it’s polite to follow them back.  Some of my so-called “followers” are obviously spammers, so I’m ignoring them.  But one social media follower looked for real, so I followed him/her back and received a “thank you” Tweet from them for it.

I'm not affiliated with this Zazzle site in any way. Just an apropos shirt.

And then it all fell apart.

I get the same three Tweets from the person multiple times per day:

  • Free Twitter for business e-book!
  • Free Facebook for business e-book!
  • Free blogging for business e-book!

Needless to say, it’s irritating, boring, and just bad form.  And frankly, if that’s their idea of good Twitter practices, forgive me if I’m suspicious of their Twitter for business advice.

So.  Don’t do that.


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