Sell the benefits (of liking your Facebook page)


Today I read a thought provoking article: “Why I Don’t Like Your Brand on Facebook.”  If you’ve considered creating a Facebook page for your brand or business, you should read it too.  I won’t spoil the article for you, but to my marketing mind, Facebook success for businesses boils down to selling the benefits.

What is the reader going to “get” out of liking your page?  Many of us already have Facebook feeds that are pretty cluttered – we don’t want a bunch of advertisements adding to the mix.  Unless…  there’s some benefit to us.

So what benefit do your posts provide?  How are your posts going to delight the people who read them?  Click on the abovementioned article (after you’ve finished this one), which lists four benefits Facebook pages can promise.  I won’t review


them here because that just seems redundant and a bit rude to the author.

But here are some examples of companies I really do “like” on Facebook, and why.

  1. Jack in the Box:  This is a humerous fan page for the giant, bobble-headed Jack.  Posts are written in the Jack persona.  What’s the benefit?  I can always do with a laugh.
  2. Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company.  Devil’s Canyon is a local microbrewery.  Their posts highlight upcoming and past events, and build a sense of community.  They help me plan fun nights out and make me smile.
  3. Nine Rubies Knitting.  Nine Rubies posts about upcoming classes, recent creations by their staff, and new yarns that have arrived in stock.  If you’re obsessed with yarn and projects (yes, I confess I am), it’s good stuff.

So, know your customers, know what they care about, and don’t bore them.  Turning off someone’s Facebook posts is even easier than “liking” their page in the first place.


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