Marketing is not advertising!

This is not marketing

I read a really terrific article on social media yesterday but one paragraph in it jarred me.  It said that most businesses use social media for “marketing” and, therefore, the products and services they promoted were being ignored.

There’s good evidence that people are not on Facebook, etc. to buy things.  And if Facebook is a cocktail party and Twitter is a water cooler conversation, droning on about your products and services is a sure way to be the guy (or gal) everyone avoids.

So what’s my beef?  I’ll answer with a question, and I’ll make it multiple choice.

Is marketing:

a) sales and advertising?

b) The 4 “P’s”: price, product, place and promotion?

c) Market segmentation, targeting and positioning plus the 4 P’s?

d) The driver of business?

I’ll give you a hint – the answer is not “a.”


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