Just Because You Can Do Something, Doesn’t Mean You Should


Oh, Empire Avenue…  My week in the desert didn’t crush my scores too badly, largely because I’d just begun on EA and was starting from the bottom.  My scores are still abysmal.  However, one of the scores which wasn’t being applied was YouTube and I thought – hey, I’ll get on that to boost my scores!

In short, I made the classic error of getting into a new form of social media just because I thought I “should.”  Well, in my defense, there’s a bit of experimenting going on here.

But I didn’t really have a plan, aside from: I’ll get on here and see what happens.  “What happened” was a highly derivative Xtranormal video of two wrestlers discussing the use of Twitter for business.  I’m too embarrassed to make it public.  My Empire Avenue YouTube score is now “1” (out of 100).

Lack of a strategy is a real red flag when it comes to marketing, and social media is just one piece of the marketing puzzle.  So if you don’t have a strategy, then it’s time to reassess.  A good marketing strategy is clear and compelling, with:

  1. Feasible objectives;
  2. The four Ps (price, product, place and promotion) worked out and aligned with the strategy; and
  3. Good controls.

Can you say that your social media use aligns in those three areas?


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