Twitter Heresy


When I first began using Twitter (admittedly, not all that long ago), the advice I kept hearing was to provide people with information they wanted to know but to talk about yourself too – keep it chatty, let people get to know you.  But the more I use Twitter and listen to folks in the know, the more I think this is bad advice.

I started on Twitter by following people who seemed to be pretty good at social media, but quickly became irritated with tweets from so-called media “influencers” that cluttered my feed about someone’s kids I didn’t know, coffee shop status updates, and other stuff which had nothing to do with social media and wasn’t very interesting.  I wanted to get to the good stuff – and since a tweet is only 14o characters, it should all be good stuff.  But I kept reading that that was what one was supposed to do on Twitter – chit chat.  Maybe I was just an oddball?

And then, quite recently, I saw an interview with another “influencer” in the social media world who said that while Twitter had in the past been used more for status updates, people were moving away from that.  Tweets should be in the “voice” of the person tweeting, but they should stay on point for the audience.

Whew!  I can now unfollow the chatty Kathys guilt free.  I get the sense that people are tweeting the updates just to get their Twitter “scores” up with multiple posts.  But unless you’re a particularly witty celebrity, the 70% status update/30% useful info is just annoying.


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