Why pre-loading is a bad idea


So I’m back from my backpacking trip in Arizona (utter disaster, redeemed by a fall back to Sedona – long story).  I’d pre-loaded some tweets and blog posts to go out while I was away, using Tweetdeck and the WordPress tools.

So what happened?  The biggest Twitter story of the decade hit while I was off in the desert – Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan (and in a town I’d traveled through regularly) and the story was broken on Twitter.  The tweets that I’d queued up weren’t bad, but they weren’t appropriate either.  The blog posts still made a certain sense, but they missed the big story, a story I could have actually contributed to with my knowledge of Pakistan.

So lesson learned: to really make social media work, you have to actually be social — i.e. on-line and paying attention.

Would I do it again?  Yes for the WordPress posts – it’s important to keep the content going.  But I’m definitely more hesitant about queuing up Tweets for future posts.

Sedona was fabulous, though.


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