I take it back!


I was fiddling around on the free version of Hootsuite and got frustrated pretty quickly.  Hootsuite has an option to load Tweets and even posts to your WordPress blog in advance, and then dribble them out on a pre-set schedule.  A friend of mine in the biz hates this, saying that the whole point of today’s social media tools is to be able to interact with your potential clients – not to just bombard them with noise.

And I agree with her.  Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are fantastic tools, but they shouldn’t be a substitute for listening and responding to the folks who follow you on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

However, since it’s physically impossible for me to “live” post this week, I thought I’d give scheduled posting a try.  Hootsuite is not terribly easy to figure out; I still don’t know how to schedule more than one tweet with it, or how to send more than 140 characters to my WordPress blog.  Tweetdeck seems much more user-friendly with their scheduling how-tos, but doesn’t connect to WordPress.

And then I got smart and went directly to WordPress.  Yes, with WordPress you can schedule your blog posts in advance as well!  In the publish section, go to the “Publish immediately” tab and just click “edit” then set the date you want to post.

I think.  This is the first time I’ve tried it.  On the other hand, if it fails, you’ll never know.


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