Is this actually working?


I stuck my toe in the Twitter stream about two weeks ago — first just following people and then posting 3-4 Tweets a day on my own.  And then last night, it happened – a retweet from a stranger!  And not just a retweet, but a retweet to her website!

Of course, out of gratitude, I had to follow that stranger, which was probably her not-so-evil plan all along.  And I’m happy to do it, since her site follows social media news, which is of interest to me.

Twitter success!

Anyway, take that, Empire Avenue!  Your rankings of me remain pathetically low, but I’m feeling very proud of myself right now.

And in fairness to Empire Avenue, I’ve been playing that social media game less than a week so they don’t have a whole lot of stats on me yet.  Hopefully I’ll have better scores next week.


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